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Re: Specification for stable scripts

* Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org) [060907 16:34]:
> What we else need is generate a list of
> (a) changes-files for ftp-masters to installed during point-release (or
> do ftp-masters prefer a list of source packages?),

We don't need that list anymore, because we just install all
changes-files (except out-of-date on an arch, and with the footnote of
libcrypt-cbc-perl which went into proposed-updates prior to the new way).

> (b) packages that should be removed,

I would consider to store them in comments as DELETE.$package - 
first line the reason, second to last line
"remove package version arche[s]". Reason for putting them in there is
that we want to put them into the update announcement.

> (c) other actions that need to be done (like e.g. "move the
> debian-installer", "run cruft-checker"),

We could put them either into COMMENTS as well, or somewhere else - it
might be good to have them as part of COMMENTS to have that easier
included in the update preparation mail. Perhaps as manual.$package and
just one line reason, rest description what needs to be done.

> for the announcement
> (d) a list of non-DSA-changes with reason,
> (e) a list of DSA-changes with reason,

Should be extracted from the COMMENTS/ACCEPTED.* - if second line begins
with "DSA-[0-9]+", the reason is taken from DSA, otherwise, the reason
is the second line verbatim. More lines are considered as comments. Ok?

> (f) a list of removals with reason,

Taken from the same file as (b)

> (g) misc issues that should be noteworthy

We should make that a free-text section I think.


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