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Specification for stable scripts


what we have as of today is a nice tool we can use to
(a) list the packages on the website, and
(b) have an easy way for ftp-masters to move things to proposed-updates.

What we else need is generate a list of
(a) changes-files for ftp-masters to installed during point-release (or
do ftp-masters prefer a list of source packages?),
(b) packages that should be removed,
(c) other actions that need to be done (like e.g. "move the
debian-installer", "run cruft-checker"),

for the announcement
(d) a list of non-DSA-changes with reason,
(e) a list of DSA-changes with reason,
(f) a list of removals with reason,
(g) misc issues that should be noteworthy

Is this correct? Did I miss something?


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