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Re: Preparing the next Release

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Another transition that today is in an earlier stage is the
> mozilla->xulrunner transition.  I've asked on #debian-release what people
> thought should be done if seamonkey isn't packaged in time for etch --
> should mozilla and all its reverse-deps be dropped because it's not
> security-supportable, or should they be kept rather than removing what's
> still a large number of packages with a large install base?  Does the answer
> to this question change with the number of reverse-dependencies still
> remaining?

We can't support Mozilla suite. As we cannot ship known vulnerable, 
unsupported software all software build-depending on mozilla-dev that
cannot be fixed to use xulrunner-dev must be removed or drop the
functionality using mozilla-dev (as we did for OO.org's address book
in a DSA; current OO.org uses libxul).


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