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Re: Preparing the next Release

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Another transition that today is in an earlier stage is the
> mozilla->xulrunner transition.  I've asked on #debian-release what people
> thought should be done if seamonkey isn't packaged in time for etch --
> should mozilla and all its reverse-deps be dropped because it's not
> security-supportable, or should they be kept rather than removing what's
> still a large number of packages with a large install base?  Does the answer
> to this question change with the number of reverse-dependencies still
> remaining?

Since for Mozilla it has already be announced that it's end has reached,
it should be removed.  Regarding security support in case it it will
still be shipped with etch, Alex Sack needs to be contacted since he's
doing all the work.  There's still Firefox and Thunderbird, so similar

> > Speaking of being ready for a freeze, I would consider this date
> > generally reached already.  Most of the packages are in a considerably
> > fine state.  There are still problems, though, but there will always
> > be problems anyway.  When the installer is working fine on all release
> > architectures and the kernel and udebs have been migrated into testing
> > as well, we already have a *pretty* *good* system.
> I think the main obstacle to freezing right now is the firmware question,
> really.  If the project decides that etch should be deferred until
> sourceless firmware blobs are out of main, then it doesn't make sense to
> start freezing yet.

Well, if the project decides that this issue must not be ignored for the
sake of etch, then we don't have to talk about a release anytime soon
anyway.  That'd annul a lot of currently ongoing discussion.



Everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it!  -- Mark Twain

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