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/usr/bin/git transition: etch-ignore request for #379982

Both GNU Interactive Tools (package git) and Linus Torvald's scm git
(package git-core) want to install /usr/bin/git. GNU Interactive tools
has shipped /usr/bin/git since 1997, but is stepping aside, renaming
to /usr/bin/gitfm (I've cleared this with upstream).

To ease the transition for users (of both packages), and give admins
the opportunity to complete the transition early, we are using
alternatives to manage /usr/bin/git.

GNU Interactive Tools points /usr/bin/git to a transition script that
explains the situation and then, if stdin and stdout are connected to
a terminal, runs gitfm, otherwise it runs the other git (gitfm refuses
to run non-interactively anyway). Actually, the git package in
unstable (4.3.20-10) behaves like this, the one currently in testing
merely fails sanely when run by the kernel build scripts.

After etch is released, the transition script will be removed and
GNU Interactive Tools will not use /usr/bin/git or alternatives anymore.

#379982 points out that this use of alternatives violates policy 10.1,
although this could be debated as we do run git-scm as described above,
therefore it could be argued that we do provide the same functionality.

Anyway, I believe this setup provides the most painless transition for
users, and would ideally like permission from the RMs to tag #379982
etch-ignore (as the problem will be going away after etch anyway).



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