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Re: Preparation of the next stable Debian GNU/Linux update (I)

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Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 09:59:53AM -0700, Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@Princeton.EDU> wrote:

>>Second, is it planned to include the next round of security updates to
>>the Mozilla family by Alexander Sack?  (cf. [0] [1])  For some reason
>>these don't seem to have gone into security.d.o yet and it would be very
>>nice to ship mozilla* packages that are up-to-date with security fixes.
> Not for r3 anymore. I know that these packages are in preparation, but i
> would like to publish r3 rather soon, and we usually let DSA packages wait
> about one week in p-u-new before adding them to proposed-updates. This
> way, we can catch up with debian-security or the BTS if a DSA is
> seriously broken (like mozilla-thunderbird on i386 or libfreetype6).


>>Third, please note that even if those updates don't get into Sarge r3,
>>the existing mozilla-thunderbird security update needs a bin-NMU on i386
> I have prepared a binNMU on i386 for mozilla-thunderbird, availible on 
> http://people.debian.org/~zobel/packages/3.1r3/
> Could you please check, if these packages work for you?

Yes, I'm writing this email with the updated bin-NMU package you
provided.  I've used it to read ~100 emails now, together with the
Enigmail extension, and found no problems.

best regards,

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