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next libgadu upload


[ Gaim guys: I can see that only the experimental version depends on ]
[ libgadu, so this is only FYI.                                      ]

I would like to upload ekg-1.6+20060826+1.7rc2-1 soon (and 1.7-release
before etch is frozen if ekg-team can make it), so I would like to make
sure I won't break anything for libgadu's reverse-dependancies.

Although there are no significant library changes, it's
GG_LIBGADU_VERSION string (in .h file and returned by
gg_libgadu_version()) is going to change because of bug #310276 in the
following way:

-#define GG_LIBGADU_VERSION "20060616"
+#define GG_LIBGADU_VERSION "1.6.20060826"

when I do the RC upload, and probably to something like "1.7.YYYYMMDD"
on the -release upload.

I know that kopete had a workaround for a change in opposite direction
in its library detection code, but I'd like to make sure I won't break
anything this time.

Also (this is probably a question to the release managers) do I need to
wait for anything else before I upload?

FWIW, #310276 may be fixed in etch+1, since upstream is finally going to
split libgadu out of ekg and go for a better versioning scheme (no
datestamps anymore).

Another thing: I'd like to make use of the new '~' support, but I've
read (in DWN I think) that buildds don't support it yet. Is it going to
be fully supported anytime soon?


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