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Re: Request For Permission To Upload Xorg 7.1 To Unstable

* Steve Langasek [Wed, 23 Aug 2006 23:00:25 -0700]:

> - x11proto-fixes, libxfixes, and the server and drivers all need to be
>   uploaded together; you're free to do this as soon as the IgnoreABI patch
>   is tested and mesa is sorted out.  libxfixes has about 500
>   reverse-dependencies in testing that will be affected by the shlibs bump,
>   but AFAICS libxfixes is tied to the server only by build-deps, which means
>   the server won't delay getting the libxfixes update into unstable.  (if
>   anyone has reason to believe otherwise, please speak up!)

The only worst case scenario I can think of (and seems unlikely, but
anyway) is libxfixes FTBFSeing on some release arch, in a way that
proves difficult to fix.

libxfixes3_1:4.0.1-3 is available on amd64, i386, and sparc. As per
experimental.ftbfs.de, hppa is built, but not uploaded.

alpha, arm, ia64, and powerpc failed because of x11proto-fixes-dev
(inst 3.0.2-3 ! >= wanted 4.0-1). Andreas, are you the appropriate
person to ask for these to be retried?

buildd.net says that mipsel is "Building by cdb", and nothing is known
of mips and s390.


(BTW, kudos once again to the XFS for their will to make X server
transitions as coordinated with the release team as possible. Thanks,

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