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Re: HAL needed by Konqueror in kde-desktop

On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 01:34:31PM -0500, Stephen Frazier wrote:
> I installed ETCH from Aug 21 businesscard iso. My preseed file selects 
> tasks standard, kde-desktop.

> When I tried to open a floppy disk with Konqueror it issued a message 
> saying that HAL was needed. I installed HAL using aptitude and after 
> rebooting Konqueror was able to open the floppy disk.

> I think HAL should be added to the list of package that are installed by 
> tasksel when kde-desktop is selected.

> Is this the right list to post this request? If not which one should I use?

Please file a bug report against the 'tasksel' package, bugs.debian.org.

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