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Re: bin-NMU scheduling for python transition

Oi Gustavo,

On Fri, Aug 18, 2006 at 12:20:29AM -0300, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

> Some of my Python packages should simply require a binNMU to be in
> shape with the new python package which is 2.4:

> ruledispatch (python-dispatch)
> pyprotocols (python-protocols)
> turbojson (python-turbojson)
> turbogears (python-turbogears)

> This last one is in experimental, so I'm not sure a binNMU scheduled by
> the Release Team is possible, so if a different action on my part (such
> as a manual binNMU or a sourceful upload) is required, please let me
> know.

turbojson and turbogears are arch: all packages and cannot be binNMUed.  It
also doesn't look like they need to be -- they depend on python (>= 2.4) |
python2.4, which is satisfied just fine.

The other two packages are arch: any and so can be binNMUed, but I'm puzzled
why they build-depend on python-all-dev if they only build for the current
version of python.  Perhaps this is something you would like to fix with a
sourceful upload?

FWIW, I remain pretty unimpressed with the decision to make the control
fields optional in the python policy.  The pycentral-using packages which
are binNMUable for the transition have all already been binNMUed using only
the information in the Packages and Sources files, but hunting down the list
of binNMUable packages that aren't using these fields will require a full,
current source mirror and a lot of unpacking and rooting around in source

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