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Re: Hinting of linux-ntfs.

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 12:17, David Martínez Moreno wrote:
> 	Hello, developers.  I have seen that linux-ntfs 1.13.1 is not
> advancing to testing due to the freeze.  I thought that fjp was looking
> into it.  We ran into problems with 1.13.1 (see #379628), but in fact
> it turned out to be a problem in how the partition size is chosen (size
> units, really).
> 	I guess that the freeze for udeb's will be until d-i beta3.  Maybe it
> would be interesting to have 1.13.1 in Beta3, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately the build failure on alpha delayed linux-ntfs too much to 
rename the dependency in partman for the udeb in time for Beta 3. This 
means that partman in Beta 3 still depends on the old ntfstools-udeb.
I therefore decided to release Beta 3 with the old version of linux-ntfs 
(i.e: have the old version included on Beta 3 CDs).

I have also tested that the Provides: in ntfsprogs-udeb does work and so 
migrating linux-ntfs to testing after the release of Beta 3 will not 
break Beta 3, so I will request to unblock linux-ntfs probably next week.

The above also means that the Provides: will need to be kept at least 
until after the next d-i release.


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