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Re: advice for gnucash on alpha procedure

Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> writes:

> gnucash currently has an RC bug on alpha; the program essentially no
> workie.  Upstream does not have access to an alpha, nor do I, and mail
> to debian-alpha has not as yet turned up anyone who says "hey, here's
> an alpha with the build dependencies which you can debug on", nor has
> it turned up anyone who wanted to work on the bug themselves.  Last I
> checked, there is no developer-accessible alpha machine available.

Whoops, I just found an email message from Falk Hueffner offering me
access to an alpha to debug on.  So my apologies for the incorrect
post; no decision needs to be made until I know futher whether I can
make inroads on the bug.


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