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advice for gnucash on alpha procedure

gnucash currently has an RC bug on alpha; the program essentially no
workie.  Upstream does not have access to an alpha, nor do I, and mail
to debian-alpha has not as yet turned up anyone who says "hey, here's
an alpha with the build dependencies which you can debug on", nor has
it turned up anyone who wanted to work on the bug themselves.  Last I
checked, there is no developer-accessible alpha machine available.

Steve Langasek was willing to try and get a more useful backtrace by
recompiling a key library, and I don't know whether he succeeded in
this or not.

If alpha were not a release candidate, the bug would be important
instead of serious, and I would just move on and not worry further.

But alpha is a release candidate, which means I need to take one of
three courses.  Which should I take?

1: Wait for debian-alpha to make a machine available or fix the bug
   themselves, which has an unbounded delay;
2: Declare in the package file that alpha is not supported, and
   downgrade the bug to wishlist;
3: Leave the bug open and RC, and have gnucash excluded from the next
   Debian release.


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