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requeueing failed packages with gcc 4.1

One of my packages (libxml-xerces-perl) has failed on m68k and arm,
and I'd like to try rebuilding it on those platforms (or at least on
arm) now that the default gcc is 4.1.  leisner has gcc 4.1 now but
didn't last time I checked (which I believe was just yesterday).
Before I bother admins to ask for libxerces27-dev to be installed on
that machine, I wanted to determine whether I should ignore the
problem and hope it goes away on its own because either the buildd
maintainer will requeue failed packages or because the release team
will do so.  I know I can ask the release team to generate a binary
NMU for this package on those platforms, but I don't really need a
binary NMU since there is no binary to replace of the same version.
Unless I hear otherwise, I'll wait a few days and then email admin and
the arm list to request libxerces27-dev on leisner so I can do a
manual binary-only build.  If it succeeds, I'll upload it.  If it
fails, then I know I have an FTBFS on that platform and will ask for
help in resolving it.  I apologize if I am asking a question that has
already been answered.  I haven't been following the lists quite as
closely these days because of my life having gotten busier and the
signal to noise ratio having dropped somewhat.  Thanks for any


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