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Re: Uploading new webmin to stable (Fixing: #318414)

On Thursday, June 08, 2006 9:40 PM, Patrick Winnertz
<patrick.winnertz@skolelinux.org> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on webmin for debian-edu and we have an rather important
>> bug
>> in webmin for us to fix in debian stable. Would it be possible to fix
>> #318414 with the attached patch?
>> + usr/share/webmin/config-lib.pl
>> usr/local/share/webmin/config-lib.pl \ +
>> usr/share/webmin/javascript-lib.pl
>>   usr/local/share/webmin/javascript-lib.pl \ +
>>   usr/share/webmin/ui-lib.pl usr/local/share/webmin/ui-lib.pl

afaics, that's a violation of policy 9.1.2, assuming that "files" includes

     As mandated by the FHS, packages must not place any files in
     `/usr/local', either by putting them in the file system archive to be
     unpacked by `dpkg' or by manipulating them in their maintainer

     However, the package may create empty directories below `/usr/local'
     so that the system administrator knows where to place site-specific
     files.  These are not directories _in_ `/usr/local', but are children
     of directories in `/usr/local'.  These directories
     (`/usr/local/*/dir/') should be removed on package removal if they are
     However, because `/usr/local' and its contents are for exclusive use
     of the local administrator, a package must not rely on the presence or
     absence of files or directories in `/usr/local' for normal operation.



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