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Re: sarge3 kernel build & r3

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 19:22, dann frazier wrote:
> I've offered to perform these builds for all archs except mips, mipsel
> & m68k (but I can help coordinate those as well - those arch
> maintainers have always been very responsive to my build requests).
> This offer is still open, just let me know if they should be against
> sarge2 or sarge3.  I suspect I could turn this around in a day or two
> (if its the right day or two).

The more arches are built by the same person, the easier coordination is. 
So your offer is very welcome.

Note that you'll need to check out the kernel udeb package sources from 
the *sarge branch* of the d-i SVN repo for the different arches as ABI 
numbers have to be updated there.

I could do i386, sparc and S/390 myself if needed, but only next week.

I'm still not sure about the status of AMD64 in this update. It would be 
nice if AMD64 could be brought back in line with the other arches with 
r3. If the kernel updates cannot be released into the main archive for 
AMD64, we'll have to skip that arch for d-i too.


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