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summarizing arch status


AFAICS, we have the following architectures we released sarge with and
which are currently no release candidates for etch:
- m68k:
  - some subarches require 2.2 and/or 2.4 kernels - I don't think we
    will support that (but we could also just drop these
    subarchitectures, like we did for 80386 with sarge).
  - traditionally weak with keeping up, but currently in good shape
- s390:
  - 3.5 developers or so only
  - installer support weak - 2.4 only currently, but this is not enough
    if we drop the 2.4 kernels
- sparc:
  - kernel support? we had spontanous reboots there.

If this list seems to be not too bad out of sync with reality, I intend
to send the relevant porter lists a last warning that they should
provide us with some more infos why the issues are non-issues now, till
next Sunday, e.g. 11th June.



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