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Re: Easy removals: C and D

On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 03:04:47PM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> C and D packages.  (Binary package names beginning with C and D, that is.
> You'll see some source package names which don't.)

> # 365794
> remove cbrowser/0.8-1

Unreproducible, possibly specific to a tk variant that's been removed from
etch; downgraded.

> # 365680, security
> remove cgiirc/0.5.4-6

Fixed on security.d.o, waiting for proposed-updates to be unblocked so that
it can be let into the main archive; AFAICT, no reason to remove it now from
testing, though it would be good if the fixed package were available from
*somewhere* other than security/stable...

> # 365181
> remove s-http-server/20051218-1

Fixed by update from unstable.

> # 340177, security
> remove cscope/15.5-1.1

Fixed for stable/testing by DSA, same hold-up as cgiirc.

> # 366128
> remove ding/1.4-3

Previously downgraded as unreproducible.

> # 364264
> remove directvnc/0.7.5-7.1

Fixed in maintainer upload, available now in testing.

> # 365174
> remove doc-iana/2003.07-1


> # 233004 -- patched bug, probably deserves NMU
> remove docbook-website/


> # 344942 -- patched bug, also orphaned
> remove doxymacs/1.6.0-3

Hrm, package was removed from testing in February...

> # 365989
> remove dspam/3.6.4-3

Previously downgraded as unreproducible.

> # 362588
> remove tmview/1:01.03-12


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