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Re: bits from the release team: release goals, python, X.org, amd64, timeline

Andreas Barth a écrit :

another month has passed and DebConf happened, so we have a few more
changes to announce.

Release Goals

After some discussion, we've decided to clarify the handling of "pet
release goals".  The set of "release blockers" established last year
remains the same; these issues are bugs of RC severity and covered under
the 0-day RC NMU policy. In addition we are extending the 0-day NMU
policy to cover certain endorsed "release goals" even when the bugs are
not release-critical but of severity important.

We believe this is warranted for these release goals because they
significantly improve the overall quality of the distribution across
packages, as well as etch's usefulness to a range of users.

Approved release goals as of now are:
- GCC 4.1 transition
- LSB 3.1 compatibility
- SELinux support
- pervasive ipv6 support
- pervasive LFS (large files) support
- new python framework (see below)



What is the current status of nfsv4 in testing.
What can we expect for etch ?
- does people from debian kernel-team follow the current dev (CITI patch, krb5p support reintroduce in late 2.6.17 etc...) ? - What is the current status of userland tools (nfs-utils + CITI patch, kerberos, idmap, librpcsecgss [1])

And more generaly what nfsv4 feature could we count on for etch.

It seems [2] that Trond Myklebust was at Debconf and from his mail Dapper is more or less in shape... If it's not an ongoing work, maybe time for the grab-ubuntu-patch-merge-an-improved-debian-version dance (at DD's discretion,).



[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=359648
[2] http://linux-nfs.org/pipermail/nfsv4/2006-May/004342.html

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