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Easy removals: G

This doesn't strictly fall into tthe scope of this mail,
but gauche has a nasty security bug open for over a month,
and it's not too hard to kick it and all its reverse depends out:

# 358139
remove gauche/0.8.6-1 wiliki/0.5.3-1 scmail/1.3-2 gauche-gl/0.4.1-1 gauche-gtk/0.4.1-4

# 334221, 334407
remove gbib/0.1.2-6
# 350688
# Yes, really.  GCC 2.95 is now a leaf package.
remove gcc-2.95/2.95.4.ds15-22
# 358241
# OK, not quite a leaf.  This is debatable.
# The maintainer's response to the bug is... unfortunate, to say the least.
# It appears that this will not be fixed by the maintainer in a reasonable
# timeframe.
remove gforge/3.1-31 gforge-theme-starterpack/3.1-1
# 362630 -- orphaned
remove gnobog/0.4.3-2.1
# 357885 -- it's not clear whether this affects etch actually
remove gnome-screensaver/0.0.24-2
# 350139 -- doesn't directly affect etch, but the FTBFS probably is
# present in etch, and the package has recursive dependency disease anyway
remove gnome-u2ps/0.0.4-2
# 358994
remove gnomebaker/0.5.1-2
# 348668
remove gnump3d/2.9.8-2
# 365750
# another "almost leaf".  Yes, I am getting too aggressive.
remove gnus/5.11+v0.4.dfsg-1  ifile-gnus-el/0.3.5-2
# 363277 -- another bug which probably applies to etch, but not 100% sure
remove gnuserv/3.12.7-1.2
# 349675
remove gparted/0.0.9-1
# 362533
remove gr-usrp/0.6-1
# 346233
remove guile-gnome-platform/2.7.99-4

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

"It's just a goddamned piece of paper."
-- President Bush, referring to the US Constitution

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