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Easy removals: E and F

In going through this, I noticed the grave, long-standing security bug
for ethereal, which is fixed in sid.  This appears to be waiting
for gnutls13 in order to get into testing, and for nothing else...

# 365110
remove electricsheep/2.6.5-1
# 365175
remove erlang-doc-html/1:10.b.5-1
# 341305
remove ximian-connector/2.4.2-1
# 358460, 358466
remove exmap/0.8-1
# 340609
remove fai/2.10.1
# 365186
remove fml/4.0.3-2
# 359042, 365192
remove freeradius/1.1.0-1.1
# 365285
remove fvwm95/2.0.43ba-23

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

Read it and weep.

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