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Re: T&S for Release Assistents

On Thu, Apr 20, 2006 at 10:36:16PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> [Cced the victi^Wpotential assistents this time - next time get it from the list :]
> Hi guys,
> Your first assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to solve the
> following bugs:

Before starting, I would like to ask how I ended up in such short list
of candidates.  Anyway, thanks for this great opportunuity to fix some
RC bugs!

> Bill Allombert
> 320375 [           ] conquest-gl: fail to start (Assertion `window->Window.VisualInfo != ((void *)0)' failed.)

(downgraded to normal). Conquest-gl requires a visual with a least one
bit of alpha channel, and some video cards/drivers combinations do not
provide such visuals, so conquest-gl will not work there. However there
are Debian system where conquest-gl work fine so this bug should not be 
RC. Moreover recent libfreeglut has replaced the assert by a more
friendly error message <Visual with necessary capabilities not found>.
Note that the glxinfo command display the list of visuals and their
number of bits of alpha-channel.

> 350407 [           ] lessdisks-terminal: modifies /etc/kernel-img.conf in postinst

(will be fixed by maintainer upload soon) I pinged the bug and that
generated a lot of discussion. Jonas will upload a new package that put
files in /etc/kernel/post{inst,rm}.d/ instead of modifying 

> 331661 [           ] extensions/*.jar ship without source code, shipped jar files are installed

(fixed by NMU) The upstream tarball include java extensions
without providing the sources. Since theses extensions are not crucial
for most usage of the package, are built for older releases of xalan and
saxon, and that the last maintainer upload is dated October 2004, I took
the simpler route to propose a NMU to remove the extensions from the 
upstream tarball. I did not get any reply so I uploaded it.


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