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Re: T&S for Release Assistents

Andreas Barth wrote:
> [Cced the victi^Wpotential assistents this time - next time get it from the list :]
> Hi guys,

Hi Release Managers and debian-release readers :-)

> Your first assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to solve the
> following bugs:
> Luk Claes
> 335473 [           ] cricket: Completely broken with latest rrdtool package 1.2.11-0.4

This bug is fixed (closed) by the new maintainer. I filed an O bug as
the previous maintainer thought he already did that some time ago. I
also filed the bug upstream where it got fixed quite fast.

> 309932 [           ] boot-admin should not be in unstable

I uploaded an NMU with the approval of one of the co-maintainers which
fixes this bug by removing the boot-admin binary from the package. The
actual bug in boot-admin is being worked on upstream, though boot-admin
is not release quality yet.

> 311188 [           ] debian-edu-config: Messes "programmatically" with conffiles of other packages

I made a list of the by debian-edu-config affected conffiles in /etc.
Though closing the bug is only possible if debian-edu-config's behavior
changes or when the packages that ship the conffiles make them
adjustable via debconf or something similar.



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