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Re: Getting rid of ucd-snmp (libsnmp4.2)


 JF> Currently, cheops is the only app still using this ancient SNMP
 JF> library (at least on i386, cheops uses libsnmp9 on all other
 JF> archs and in Ubuntu, as well). I'd really prefer to switch cheops
 JF> to libsnmp9 for i386, as well and let libsnmp4.2 die its greatful
 JF> death and remove it from etch. According to the upstream
 JF> developers, there *might* be one final 4.2.7 release, but it's
 JF> still not recommended due to the remaining 64-bit bugs and
 JF> upstream maintenance will definitely stop here.

just a note that the cyrus22-common package from http://incase.de/cyrus22/i386/
also depends on libsnmp4.2

that's how i noticed that Blars broke libsnmp4.2 when he uploaded
version 4.2.5-5.1 ;)

so could you please not remove libsnmp4.2 while cyrus22-common is
still dependent on it?


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