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Re: The powerpc port should be removed from etch release candidates ...

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

> Well, who is working on the powerpc d-i port ? Only Colin Watson,
> but his duties in ubuntu don't leave him enough time to do the work
> properly, and it was always me in the past who ended up doing the
> work nobody else cared about.

I don't understand how removing your write access to the repository
prevents you from continuing to do the work.

> Since they remove me, and given the difficulties the d-i project has to find
> porters, i don't think they will be able to solve this issue in a timely
> fashion for the etch release.

Surely if they fail to do so, it should be dropped.  But saying "they
will be helpless without me, so they will fail, so drop them now"
doesn't make much sense.  If you no longer wish to help with debian
ppc, that's sad, but I don't understand why that means that nobody
else could ever be found.


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