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Re: Removing mozilla from sid/etch?

Andreas Metzler wrote:
> Hej,
> The recently released mozilla 1.7.13 is supposed to be the last
> release of the mozilla suite.
> http://developer.mozilla.org/devnews/index.php/2006/04/12/sunset-announcement-for-fxtb-10x-and-mozilla-suite-17x/
> | These releases will include the final set of official security and
> | stability updates for Firefox 1.0.x, Thunderbird 1.0.x and Mozilla
> | Suite 1.7.x.
> [...]
> | While the Mozilla Corporation product strategy continues to be focused
> | on the individual end-user, Mozilla will continue to work with
> | downstream enterprise-oriented distributors and support vendors to
> | provide a program to enable extended support for otherwise legacy
> | releases.
> I do not think we want to ship something in etch that is not supported
> today.
> It cannot be done immediately, as a couple of packages[1] (openoffice[2],
> ...) link against mozilla libraries (libnspr4, libnss3) but I think it
> should be a release goal, shouldn't it?
> cu andreas
> [1] evolution in experimental seems to be fixed already.
> [2] http://bugs.debian.org/364062

I was under the impression that mozilla suite was still being actively
developed under the name Seamonkey[they like to rename things].  Is this
not the case?


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