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Re: 'has RC bugs' bogusly

* Thijs Kinkhorst (kink@squirrelmail.org) [060419 18:13]:
> On Wed, April 19, 2006 18:09, Julien Danjou wrote:
> >> It is unreasonable, I think, for bugs reported only against the
> >> experimental version to keep packages out of testing.
> >
> > This bug should have been tagged 'experimental', I guess, and so will
> > would have been ignored. I tagged it.
> You should use version tracking for that, instead of the 'experimental'
> (or sarge, sid etc) tags, those are deprecated. The bug was reported with
> the right version, so there must be another problem here.

Agreed. However, britney still isn't patched for that. :/


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