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Re: sarge upgrade - linux, grub conflict

On 17 Apr 2006, Andreas Barth wrote:

>> kernel-package >> 10 uses debconf for the user communication. This
>> includes the pre and post scripts specified in
>> /etc/kernel-img.conf.  update-grub from grub older than 0.97-3
>> writes informations to stdout, which is coupled to debconf and
>> makes it fail.
> I would *really* hope you are a bit more careful about such
> changes. We require all packages in etch to be installable with the
> core sarge tools (whether the tools are dpkg or grub or ...). Can't
> the kernel packages detect whether they have the sarge or the etch
> version of grub, and behave acordingly?

        It was already a bug in Sarge to spit things to stdout in a
 postinst, since debconf interaction was mandated.  Not using debconf
 is a RC bug for Etch.

        At this point, re-instituiting code for doing both debconf and
 non debconf installation, is problematic. Even if we knew which boot
 loader is in use, which is not easy (I have lilo and grub installed
 on a bunch of machines).

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