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bin-NMU of nagios 1.x packages in unstable?

hey release-peeps,

i got a grave bug reported against nagios recently (#359637), because
nagios is no longer installable in unstable.  it looks like
someone's bin-NMU'd it on 2006/03/20, along with the other
arch:any packages.

my best guess is that this has to do with the recent mysql
versioning vs our versioning of symbols fiasco with libmysqlclient15,
but there are a couple questions that have me a bit concerned, or
at least curious:

- am i correct?
- why was no bug reported against my package before the binNMU?
- why was i not informed of the binNMU afterwards?

the big problem here is that the new packages have a bumped
debian revision.  of course this makes sense (and a future
upload by me will make these packages disappear), but it
has in the meantime silently rendered nagios uninstallable
because there is a "sourceful" (sorry, not quite sure what the
correct terminology is) depends on nagios-common.  that is:

nagios-mysql depends on nagios-common (= ${Source-Version})

so when nagios-mysql is bumped without bumping nagios-common, we
have our current situation.  my guess is that there are other
packages which may have a similar problem.

like i said, i can remedy the situation rather easily by uploading a
new debian revision (i had a couple changes to commit anyway), but
i'm a little annoyed that someone other than me is responsible for
(silently!) breaking my packages in unstable.  usually that privilege
is exclusively mine :)



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