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Re: what's up with gcc 3.3 and 3.4 ?

Steve M. Robbins writes:
> Package ccmalloc explicitly build-depends on all supported C++ 
> compilers because it builds a specific module for each.
> Two bugs have been filed against it suggesting that g++-3.3 (BTS
> 343034) and g++-3.4 (BTS 342959) are on their way out.  Is that true?
> I don't recall seeing any sort of official announcement about this.

what kind of official announcement do you need? we try to reduce the
number of compilers that need to be shipped with a release. currently
it looks like that we do not have to ship the compilers based on
gcc-3.3, maybe still ship the libstdc++5 runtime library. it's too
early to say something about g++-3.4, the bug reports are submitted
as non RC reports. Besides C++ other languages to drop from 3.4 are
ObjC and maybe Ada.


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