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Re: Removal of postgis [was: List of remaining libraries for C++ transition]

Hi Steve,

Il giorno dom, 27/11/2005 alle 00.06 -0800, Steve Langasek ha scritto:
> The postgis source package has already been removed from testing.  In
> addition, the existing postgis source package is already libpostgis1; is
> there a good reason for renaming this source package?

Upstream release its source as 'postgis'. The maintainer would like to
provide a package for version 0.9.2 an a package for version 1.0.4.
He renamed the postgis-0.9.2 in 'postgis0' and postgis-1.0.4 in
'postigs1' and now he create many binary packages that keep a '0' or '1'
in their names.

I proposed to only change the name of 0.9.2 and keep 1.0.4 as postigs,
but the maintainer will was different. No special reason, i think. I am
putting him in bcc so he may provide more information.

> I guess the binary package has changed names from libpostgis1-pg74 to
> libpostgis1-pg7.4, and this covers us for the C++ ABI transition?

The binary package keep the same name since it already included the '1'.
The library name is liblwgeom.so.1 for 1.0.4 (no change) and
libpostgis.so.0 for 0.9.2 (new library).

There is probably no change for a real transition since the old package
had FTBFS bugs and hence it wasn't used that much. Some user where
subscribed to pkg-grass@alioth and already tested the new package and
developed an upgrade path.


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