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library renaming due to changed libstdc++ configuration

[ proposed text to send to dda, asking for feedback before sending the
  message. Between the announcement to dda and the gcc uploads should
  be some time (24/48h?)

Another round of package renamings of some libraries written in C++ is
needed. Background:

libstdc++6 is currently configured to use the mt allocator based on
discussions in April 2004 with upstream libstdc++ developers. This
configuration turned out to be a mistake (memory leaks and the
allocator is still buggy), other distributions did change back to the
new allocator (the default one) in mid-2005 (FC in July 2005). The
change does not have an effect on symbols exported from libstdc++, but
it does have an effect on symbols exported by libraries which use
containers (using an allocator) from the template headers.

The proposal by upstream is to configure libstdc++ to use the new
allocator again (the default one).

The change will remove the *mt_alloc* symbols defined in some
libraries, just by recompiling with a new compiler package. Therefore
the package names of these libraries have be changed again. The list
of libraries is attached below.

Discussion with the release team can be found at

What has to be done:

 * Identify all library packages depending on libstdc++ and
   exporting *mt_alloc* symbols. See below.

 * Provide gcc-3.4 and gcc-4.0 packages configured using the default
   (new) allocator. These packages are currently available from
      http://people.debian.org/~doko/gcc-4.0/ (4.0.2-4)
      http://people.debian.org/~doko/gcc-3.4/ (3.4.4-10)

 * File bug reports for each library package in the list below.

 * Stop uploading packages listed below, stop the buildd's building
   these packages

 * Upload updated gcc-3.4 and gcc-4.0 packages.

 * Upgrade the buildd's to the updated gcc-3.4 and gcc-4.0 packages.

 * Build new packages with the updated gcc-3.4 and gcc-4.0 packages

 * Rename and Rebuild the libraries listed below. The new suffix for
   these packages should be in any case "c2a" (instead of "c2"). No
   new suffix is needed when the soname changes in a new upstream
   upload. The libfoo1c2a packages need to conflict/replace the old
   libfoo1c2 package (and keep existing conflict/replaces). You can
   find more details in

 * Request binNMU's for the remaining packages (listed as app below).
   No new source upload is required.

main lib ace
main lib adplug
main lib aiksaurus
main lib alps-light1
main lib amarok			# no change, KDE
main lib anjuta
main lib apt
main lib aqsis
main lib arkrpg
main lib arts
main lib aspell			# no change, C API only
main lib atlas-cpp
main lib bakery2.3
main lib beast
main lib boost
main lib cal3d
main lib cegui-mk2
main lib clanlib
main lib cppunit
main lib dar
main lib digikam
main lib enchant
main lib eris
main lib exiv2
main lib felix
main lib festival
main lib gdal
main lib gdome2-xslt
main lib gengameng
main lib geos
main lib gfccore
main lib gfcui
main lib ginac
main lib glibmm2.4
main lib gmetadom
main lib gnome-cups-manager
main lib gnome-vfsmm2.6
main lib gnuift
main lib gnuradio-core
main lib gsmlib
main lib gtkmathview
main lib gtkmm
main lib gtkmm2.0
main lib gtkmm2.4
main lib gwenview
main lib hk-classes
main lib id3lib3.8.3
main lib imagemagick
main lib ipe
main lib ivtools
main lib jabberoo
main lib kdeaccessibility		# no change, KDE
main lib kdebase			# no change, KDE
main lib kdegraphics			# no change, KDE
main lib kdelibs
main lib kdemultimedia			# no change, KDE
main lib kdenetwork			# no change, KDE
main lib kdepim				# no change, KDE
main lib knoda				# no change, KDE
main lib koffice			# no change, KDE
main lib kvirc				# no change, KDE
main lib kwave				# no change, KDE
main lib labplot
main lib libaqbanking
main lib libassa
main lib libbonobouimm1.3
main lib libcapsinetwork
main lib libccrtp
main lib libcommoncpp2
main lib libcorelinux
main lib libcoyotl
main lib libcrypto++
main lib libextractor
main lib libfwbuilder
main lib libghemical
main lib libgig
main lib libglademm2.4
main lib libgnomecanvasmm2.6
main lib libgnomeuimm2.6
main lib libktoblzcheck
main lib libmath++
main lib libmusicbrainz-2.0
main lib libmusicbrainz-2.1
main lib libnzb
main lib libofx
main lib libparagui1.0
main lib libpqxx
main lib libprinterconf
main lib libqalculate
main lib libsigc++-2.0
main lib libsigcx
main lib libterralib
main lib libtorrent
main lib libtunepimp
main lib libwpd
main lib libxml++
main lib libxml++2.6
main lib lineakd
main lib log4cxx
main lib macrosystem
main lib mecab
main lib mercator
main lib mpqc
main lib mysql++
main lib net6
main lib ogre
main lib omnievents
main lib openalpp-cvs
main lib openbabel
main lib openc++
main lib opencv
main lib openexr
main lib openh323
main lib openscenegraph
main lib openvrml
main lib orbit2cpp
main lib orsa
main lib osgal-cvs
main lib osgcal
main lib paintlib
main lib pcre3
main lib plptools
main lib pstoedit
main lib pwlib
main lib qgis
main lib quantlib
main lib rapidsvn
main lib regexx
main lib regina-normal
main lib rlog
main lib rosegarden4
main lib scim
main lib sidplay-libs
main lib sigcperl
main lib sim
main lib snmpkit
main lib sqlxx
main lib stk
main lib strutilsxx
main lib sword
main lib taglib
main lib tqsllib
main lib tse3
main lib tulip
main lib varconf
main lib vips
main lib vtk
main lib wfmath
main lib wftk
main lib xalan
main lib zipios++
contrib lib usrp

# for the following packages, a binNMU, triggered by the buildd admins
# is sufficient

main app abiword
main app adonthell
main app alsaplayer
main app amule
main app aptitude
main app aptsh
main app aria
main app asc
main app asterisk-oh323
main app bibletime
main app blender
main app buffy
main app bzflag
main app capisuite
main app celestia
main app cinepaint
main app cmake
main app cyphesis-cpp
main app dasher
main app debtags
main app debtags-edit
main app drawtiming
main app eboard
main app ecasound2.2
main app efax-gtk
main app eiciel
main app encfs
main app enigma
main app firebird2
main app flightgear
main app fwbuilder
main app gabber2
main app gambas
main app gbib
main app gcvs
main app ghemical
main app gip
main app gnome-apt
main app gnomesword
main app gnomoradio
main app gnubiff
main app gnugk
main app gobby
main app gparted
main app gtklookat
main app gtkpool
main app hardware-monitor
main app hexxagon
main app hk-classes
main app ickle
main app imgseek
main app imms
main app inkscape
main app kdeaddons
main app kdeadmin
main app kdeartwork
main app kdebluetooth
main app kdeedu
main app kdesdk
main app kdevelop3
main app kdewebdev
main app kdiff3
main app kexi
main app kino
main app kinoplus
main app klineakconfig
main app knapster2
main app knights
main app ksimus
main app lavaps
main app libapt-pkg-perl
main app licq
main app lineak-defaultplugin
main app llvm
main app lostirc
main app lufs
main app lyx
main app moagg
main app monotone
main app monster-masher
main app muse
main app mysql-admin
main app mysql-query-browser
main app newpki-client
main app newpki-server
main app octave-forge
main app octave2.1
main app octaviz
main app packagesearch
main app papaya
main app passepartout
main app patchage
main app pdns
main app pinball
main app pingus
main app plplot
main app plptools
main app poedit
main app pysvn
main app qalculate-gtk
main app qalculate-kde
main app qbankmanager
main app qbble
main app qterm
main app quantlib-swig
main app quickplot
main app rapidsvn
main app regexxer
main app rquantlib
main app rtorrent
main app scim-anthy
main app scim-canna
main app scim-chewing
main app scim-hangul
main app scim-pinyin
main app scim-prime
main app scim-skk
main app scim-uim
main app scribus
main app semidef-oct
main app shaketracker
main app sigc
main app speech-tools
main app spiralsynthmodular
main app stardict
main app statdataml
main app synaptic
main app synopsis
main app tagcolledit
main app tau
main app timfx
main app tora
main app torcs
main app trophy
main app trustedqsl
main app tse3
main app tulip
main app vdr-plugin-osdteletext
main app vegastrike
main app verilog
main app vlc
main app workrave
main app worlded
main app xarchon
main app xdrawchem
main app xmms-kde
main app xmms-musepack
main app xprobe
main app yafray
main app yate
main app zinf
contrib app exult
contrib app octave-gpc
contrib app ogre-contrib
contrib lib libavg
non-free app arb

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