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Re: xerces upgrade/transition

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:

> Actually, depending on the details, uploading xerces27 during the KDE
> transition might have made things *easier*... oh well. :)

/me experiences brain gears turning

How's that?  Because some packages could have switched from depending
upon libraries that were tangled in the transition to libraries that
weren't?  Or more fundamentally, because transition xerces27 into
testing doesn't make anything uninstallable since xerces25 and
xerces26 are still there and then moving applications that depend upon
xerces25 of xerces26 over to xerces27 results in the transition of
xerces25 and xerces26 no longer making those applications
uninstallable?  Perhaps having uploaded xerces27 and getting gdal and
friends to switch to it would have broken the link between icu/xerces
and unixodbc, thereby allowing them to transition on their own.  gdal
wouldn't have been able to go, but it wouldn't have been keeping
xerces out.  Is that right, or am I still missing something?

I didn't think this through far enough in my planning.  I was just
thinking that wedging xerces27 between icu and gdal would get it
tangled up with the transition as well, forgetting that icu is, at
present, not both a direct and indirect dependency of anything and
also forgetting the effect of xerces27 not being in testing.

I am now filing away that this type of situation may have consequences
that aren't immediately obvious to me since I have no direct
experience with dealing with the actual impact of these actions.  It's
remarkable how much experience guides intuition.


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