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Re: Add a hint to discover1 and discover1-data to testing

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Otavio Salvador wrote:
>> Would be good to allow discover1 and discover1-data to testing since
>> it solve some important problems and also update its database with
>> more entries.
> The new discover1 packages are working fine of course, but we currently
> have probably final initrd images for the next d-i beta, and so even if
> the updated udebs are put into testing, they won't be used. My
> preference is to not bother with getting the initrds out of sync with
> the discover1 debs in testing until after the beta, just because such
> desyncs can occasionally lead to problems.

Ok. I thoght that was OK since Frans did OK on #debian-boot yestarday
and only didn't move because normal debs was out of sync at the time.

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