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Force through libpng hint?

So the results for the lipng hint as of today are:

* i386: libgtkxmhtml-perl, libzvbi-dev, londonlaw, openrpg, pyro-gui, rapidsvn

Breaking libgtkxmhtml-perl by pushing this through ahead of perl
is probably acceptable, because the only reverse depends of that package
is a "Suggests:" (from libgnome-perl).

zvbi is awaiting only a build on sparc (and an urgency bump), so is a
reasonable candidate for being forced in.

londonlaw, openrpg, and pyro are leaf packages which were all uploaded
today.  They'll go back in very quickly if removed.

rapidsvn, well, this has been discussed before.

So it looks like a force would be effective and wouldn't break too much.

But perhaps it would be better to wait 2 days for the leaf packages, and see
how perl is doing then, before considering it.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

"(Instead, we front-load the flamewars and grudges in
the interest of efficiency.)" --Steve Lanagasek,

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