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Re: mpich C++ transition status

* Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> [2005-10-11 19:22]:

> Here is the current status of the mpich/hdf5/lam migration.
> The following are uploaded, but some have build problems:
> Source: blacs-mpi
> Source: hdf5
> Source: illuminator
> Source: lam
> Source: mpb
> Source: mpich
> Source: netpipe
> Source: octave2.1
> Source: petsc
> Source: plplot
> Source: pytables
> Source: rmpi
> Source: scalapack
> Source: semidef-oct
> Source: tessa
> Source: xmpi
> Source: octave-gpc (contrib)
> Source: parmetis (non-free)

I guess we are getting quite close now (only rmpi on hppa is blocking now)
but shouldn't octave-forge and octaviz be included in the list above?  These
packages are not currently in testing.

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