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Miscellaneous transition-to-testing issues noticed

* gdk-pixbuf has ended up with a dependency on libpng12-0 (>=1.2.8rel-4)
  on ARM.  Despite being recently binNMUed.
* Same problem on gif2png.
* Similarly, fvwm has acquired the same dependency on ARM.
* I tracked this down to a problem with the ARM buildd 'grieg', which
  built both of them.  It has an old version of libpng stuck on it.
  Yep, checked, it does.  Emailed arm@buildd.debian.org, but if you
  know a faster way to get results, *please* do so.

Once it's verified that the ARM buildd has got rid of the old libpng12-dev,
many or all of the ARM binNMUs have to be rerun.

* kicker is unsatisfiable on ia64 due to binNMU requiring the exact same
  version of the architecture: all kdebase-data package.
  kdebase-dev depends on it.

  This prevents ia64 builds of various packages, such as amarok.  I filed a
  severity: serious bug against kicker.  I suppose y'all know about this,
  though, given the note in hints/vorlon.

* kdeedu depends on boost, which is long-term broken on hppa thanks to
  some binutils bug
* kdeedu is dying during build on sparc with 'illegal instruction'
  (probably more toolchain bugs).  Serious bug filed.

* kdegraphics is now waiting for libgphoto2 (5 days old).  It's also not
  being tried in the master hint (for unclear reasons, perhaps that).
  libgphoto2 is in good shape and should probably be put through 'urgent'.

* kdebindings is waiting for ruby1.8, which is stalled primarily because of
  an m68k FTBFS (that's the serious bug).

* koffice appears to be waiting for imagemagick, which is waiting for...
  wait for it... libpng.

* xsidplay breaks, which can be fixed by adding libsidplay to the hint.
  This will involve letting mp3blaster, sidplay-base, and xmms-sid in
  at the same time as the KDE hint.  However, xmms-sid depends on
  sidplay-libs being added to the hint too (or xmms-sid being removed).
  I suggest adding sidplay-libs, because it's ready, and would let sidplay
  in as well.

* xastir is FTBFS on hppa because gpsmanship fails to install:
Setting up gpsmanshp (1.2-2) ...
/var/lib/dpkg/info/gpsmanshp.postinst: line 5:  3480 Done                    echo "pkg_mkIndex -lazy -verbose . gpsmanshp.so"
      3481 Segmentation fault      | tclsh$TCLVERSION 2>&1 >/dev/null
dpkg: error processing gpsmanshp (--configure):
 subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 139

Segfault in tclsh ?!?  I'm not sure what package to report this against.
I sent a message to the probably-related bug 334898.

* subversion is now the only thing blocking wxwindows!

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

"(Instead, we front-load the flamewars and grudges in
the interest of efficiency.)" --Steve Lanagasek,

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