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Re: Let's let lm-sensors, wxwindows2.4 in; and other thoughts

Steve Langasek wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 05:14:19PM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
>> One removal should likewise get wxwindows in:
>> # Don't wait for subversion
>> remove rapidsvn/0.8.0-3
> That's not one removal, because pysvn also depends on rapidsvn.
Ah, two.  :-P
> I don't 
> see any reason to drop packages from testing for this transition; I've
> been working with the subversion maintainers to get that package fixed up.

So britney still ignores Build-Depends?  Otherwise subversion is clogged
behind swig1.3 and pike7.6, which would be really no good.

>> (This is a prereq for getting libpng in.)
> And that really shouldn't be anything we need to rush on.
Except that the KDE transition is now delayed by it.  As I noted, a very
large number of KDE-dependenct packages -- most of which are otherwise
ready to go -- have the overly strict dependency on new libpng, including
kdesdk, which is not a good removal candidate.

>> Getting libpng in shouldn't be a prereq for KDE, but some stuff is kind
>> of tied up with it.
>> This means additional binNMU candidates:
> I don't think this is something we should worry about until we confirm
> that it's a blocker; otherwise it just spends buildd cycles for nothing.
Yeah, so libpng first. :-)

Either libpng will have to go in first, or there will have to be lots of
binNMUs or other new KDE uploads, or a lot of packages will have to be
removed or made uninstallable.  I don't know which, but I'm quite sure it
will be one of the above.

>> It may make more sense to put GNOME 1 and libpng through first, though
>> I really detest delaying KDE for these things.
> I'm not actually convinced that the KDE hint is that close to being ready.

I ache for KDE to get in.  ;-)  Sigh.

> I need to see what britney has to say about uninstallables when hinting
> the libraries in; there may be a number of leaf packages that still need
> dealing with before the whole mess can go in.

I've identified some KDE tie-ins in other messages which will have to be
dealt with.  With your current hint, britney will identify a bunch of
flac-dependent packages, the icu-dependent packages, and probably a few
other clusters which I've already identified.  I'm not sure what the point
of running a hint known to be insufficient is, so I suggest you add those
known tree roots to the same hint.

There's so much in the pile that temporarily removing a few leaf packages to
let the block in is not a bad idea though.

> Until that's known, I'm not going 
> to make any decisions about whether to push GNOME1 in before KDE.

ksig --random|

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