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Re: Let's let lm-sensors, wxwindows2.4 in; and other thoughts

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 05:14:19PM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> One removal should get lm-sensors in:

> # php4-rrdtool ties lm-sensors to php4 and that whole mess
> remove php4-rrdtool/1.04-11
> easy lm-sensors/1:2.9.2-4 rrdtool/1.2.11-0.4 rrdcollect/0.2.3-2

Hint already added, though I botched the version # on the php4-rrdtool

> One removal should likewise get wxwindows in:

> # Don't wait for subversion
> remove rapidsvn/0.8.0-3

That's not one removal, because pysvn also depends on rapidsvn.  I don't see
any reason to drop packages from testing for this transition; I've been
working with the subversion maintainers to get that package fixed up.

> (This is a prereq for getting libpng in.)

And that really shouldn't be anything we need to rush on.

> The rest has to go in at once.

> # bonobo, gnome-print, gtkhtml need lots of builds, time
> easy gdk-pixbuf/0.22.0-10 bonobo/1.0.22-5 gnome-print/0.37-10 gtkhtml/1.1.10-8

I would expect more packages than this to have to go in together, actually,
given that the new gdk-imlib1 package will conflict with libpng10-0.

> Getting libpng in shouldn't be a prereq for KDE, but some stuff is kind
> of tied up with it.

> This means additional binNMU candidates:

I don't think this is something we should worry about until we confirm that
it's a blocker; otherwise it just spends buildd cycles for nothing.

> It may make more sense to put GNOME 1 and libpng through first, though
> I really detest delaying KDE for these things.

I'm not actually convinced that the KDE hint is that close to being ready.
I need to see what britney has to say about uninstallables when hinting the
libraries in; there may be a number of leaf packages that still need dealing
with before the whole mess can go in.  Until that's known, I'm not going to
make any decisions about whether to push GNOME1 in before KDE.

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