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Re: Packages to remove for libpng

On Sat, Oct 15, 2005 at 04:03:48PM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> For libpng.  I think this is all that's needed.  gdk-pixbuf can't
> go in in advance of libpng because it has a too-high versioned dependency
> on some architectures.

This is better fixed by reuploading the packages currently blocked on
libpng, such that they get built with a libpng that doesn't require bumped

> Anyway, it should give good output.

> # 207756, 328338, 331082
> remove amaya/9.5-1

Has been NMUed.

> # dillo's tied up with openssl

Shouldn't be a problem, all the things we're worried about getting into
testing right now are *also* tied up with openssl...

> # gdk-pixbuf needs an ia64 build

gdk-pixbuf is getting a binNMU on arm to untangle it from libpng, and should
go in as soon as ia64 and arm binaries are installed

> zvbi needs ia64 and hppa

Can likewise be binNMUed on sparc to address this -- has been queued.  With
those two changes, libpng should no longer need a hint.  Further binNMUs are
appropriate for any packages that we need to worry about getting into
testing in advance of libpng/zvbi/wxwindows2.4/gdk-pixbuf.

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