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Packages to remove for libpng

For libpng.  I think this is all that's needed.  gdk-pixbuf can't
go in in advance of libpng because it has a too-high versioned dependency
on some architectures.

Anyway, it should give good output.

# 207756, 328338, 331082
remove amaya/9.5-1
# dillo's tied up with openssl
remove dillo/0.8.3-1.1
# gdk-pixbuf needs an ia64 build, zvbi needs ia64 and hppa
urgent imlib/1.9.14-24
urgent zvbi/0.2.17-3
hint imlib/1.9.14-24 libpng/1.2.8rel-5 gdk-pixbuf/0.22.0-10 wxwindows2.4/

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at gcc.gnu.org>
Doom!  Doooooom!

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