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Re: [Pkg-openssl-devel] Statement(s) on libssl situation desired

* Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org) [051015 01:39]:
> On Sat, Oct 15, 2005 at 12:52:08AM +0200, Christoph Martin wrote:
> > > Finally, are there any plans to alleviate testing migration issues for 
> > > packages held up by this, and if so, how?
> The way to alleviate testing migration issues is by getting openssl097 and
> openssl updates into testing ASAP.  They will probably have to go into
> testing together, because of the move of the openssl binary from one source
> package to the other, which means openssl needs to be reuploaded with symbol
> versionining support and then both packages need to be allowed to get built
> on all architectures and settled long enough that we can be comfortable
> pushing them into testing.

AFAICS, openssl097 will go into testing by itself as soon as the
-dev-package is rened out, and it is built on ia64 (and of course, old
enough). For openssl itself - well, we need of course resolve this
RC-bug (i.e. get library versioning working).


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