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Re: [Pkg-openssl-devel] Statement(s) on libssl situation desired

Hi Nathanael,

Nathanael Nerode schrieb:
> Note the following apparent facts:
> * libssl0.9.7 and libssl0.9.8, if linked in the same binary, will cause 
> unpredictable failure due to symbol conflicts.
> * This could be fixed if libssl0.9.8 had versioned symbols, which it doesn't 
> yet.
> * I see from pkg-openssl-devel that the plans are to version the symbols in 
> libssl0.9.8.
> Is this a settled decision yet?  (If so, good!)  

I think in the Debian openssl team it is settled that we want versioned
symbols. I have build a first version and it is working.

> Is there an ETA for a 
> versioned version (ahem) in unstable?  

I think it can be released in the next days. We want to have some more
discussion and testing. And we don't want to make a hasty move and brake
other things.

> Has it been accepted by upstream.  

We got no answer from upstream yet.

> If 
> not, will it be done in Debian anyway?  

I think we will do it anyway. I would only prefere to have it settled
with upstream, know how they plan to implement it so that we do not have
to change everything if they introduce it.

> Will it be done ASAP or are plans to 
> wait for upstream?

We will definitely not wait until upstream releases a version.

> If we are planning to wait until upstream accepts this, what will be done to 
> deal with the problem in the meantime?
> Packages built against the unversioned libssl0.9.8 will, when run on a system 
> with versioned libssl0.9.8, either pick up the symbols from libssl0.9.7 
> (wrong) or not find their symbols (segfault).  Accordingly, all packages 
> linked against the current libssl0.9.8 are in trouble and will need rebuilds.  

This is not true. I just checked it with versionend and unversioned
openssl binary and libraries:

unversioned binary with versioned libraries just works fine, no
complain, no crash.
versioned binary with unversioned libraries results in a warning and
also works find.

Please see also
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/10/msg00278.html and followups.

> However, currently there is *nothing* preventing yet more packages being 
> built against it.  Are there plans to deal with this?  (Perhaps, at the 
> least, a warning message to d-d-a telling people not to upload packages built 
> against libssl0.9.8 at this time?)

One could do this.

> It may also be nontrivial to identify such packages after versioned 
> libssl0.9.8 goes into the archive (all packages depending on libssl0.9.8 will 
> require an audit of their symbols to see whether they were built against the 
> versioned version).  This may be avoided by a shlibs bump or package name 
> change for the versioned libssl0.9.8.

A shlibs bump should be done, yes. But I don't want to change the
package name. I think it is not necessary.

> Finally, are there any plans to alleviate testing migration issues for 
> packages held up by this, and if so, how?



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