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Re: Bug#319042: mysql-dfsg still FTBFS for me


On 2005-10-07 Daniel Schepler wrote:
> Le Mercredi 05 Octobre 2005 23:43, vous avez écrit :
> > On 2005-10-04 Daniel Schepler wrote:
> > > According to the bug log, you thought you'd fixed the FTBFS in
> > > mysql-dfsg, but I can still reproduce it in version 4.0.24-10 using a
> > > pbuilder chroot created just today:
> >
> > There is no mysql-dfsg 4.0 in Debian unstable anymore, it has been
> > superceeded by mysql-dfsg-4.1 (the existing packages are only left for the
> > shared library, the server/client packages exist with 4.1 version numbers
> > from the new package, too).
> The results of running "apt-cache showsrc mysql-dfsg" disagree with you here.  

For the users' point of view it has been "superceeded", from the technical
one it is still there as it provides libmysqlclient12. Once mysql-dfsg-4.1
has been installed in testing (needs to be built on sparc) and debian-release
has not too much to do with other transitions I will ask the other
maintainers to switch to libmysqlclient14 (from 4.1).

> Anyway, I'm not going to play BTS tug-of-war here, but I still disagree with 
> the bug being closed.  I'm CC'ing debian-release to get a more official 
> opinion on this.

You could have got that from me, too :) Anyway, as I hopefully have made the
situation a bit clearer now, let's just agree that the bug should not be
closed now but that I will not spend my time on fixing it, too, as it'll be
obsolete soon :-)



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