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Re: Bug#319042: mysql-dfsg still FTBFS for me

Le Mercredi 05 Octobre 2005 23:43, vous avez écrit :
> On 2005-10-04 Daniel Schepler wrote:
> > According to the bug log, you thought you'd fixed the FTBFS in
> > mysql-dfsg, but I can still reproduce it in version 4.0.24-10 using a
> > pbuilder chroot created just today:
> There is no mysql-dfsg 4.0 in Debian unstable anymore, it has been
> superceeded by mysql-dfsg-4.1 (the existing packages are only left for the
> shared library, the server/client packages exist with 4.1 version numbers
> from the new package, too).

The results of running "apt-cache showsrc mysql-dfsg" disagree with you here.  
Anyway, my understanding is that having packages in unstable which cannot be 
built from source is a serious policy violation and must be fixed.  It would 
also be good to have a new upload anyway removing the superceded 
mysql-{client,server,common} packages from the source package.

By the way, the libmysqlclient12-dev package is still in unstable, too, and 
lots of packages still Build-Depend on it.  Do you consider that such 
packages must be recompiled against newer libraries, or is that only 
something that would be nice?

Anyway, I'm not going to play BTS tug-of-war here, but I still disagree with 
the bug being closed.  I'm CC'ing debian-release to get a more official 
opinion on this.

(If this message too ends up showing "daniel@frobnitz.homelinux.net" as the 
sender, ignore that and use the address below -- that dynamic DNS entry is 
only available 8 hours a day on weekdays.  I think I have things set up right 
now, but I'm not completely sure.)
Daniel Schepler

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