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Re: Coordinating upload of teTeX-3.0 to unstable

On 07.08.05 Kurt Roeckx (kurt@roeckx.be) wrote:


> - gprolog
>   hevea -O -nosymb -s -exec xxdate.exe -fix custom.hva manual.tex -o manual.html
>   /usr/bin/hevea: unknown option `-nosymb'.
I guess hevea has nothing to do with teTeX.

> - laptop-net:
>   texi2pdf laptop-net.texi
>   make[2]: texi2pdf: Command not found
texi2pdf was in tetex-bin. Dunno why it disappeared.

> - scalable-cyrfonts
>   No file fontinst.rc.
>   ) (./fnstcorr.tex
>   ! Undefined control sequence.
>   l.37 \catcode`\_=\underscorecatcode
Probably buggy document.

> - userv
>   debiandoc2ps: ERROR: output could not be generated properly
Need an debiandoc2ps -v and probably -k for that.

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