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Tool to give a metric of the risk of an upload


 The release team complained in the past of numerous uploads I prepared,
 and seem to have some automatic way of checking whether a package is a
 big blocker or not.  I request a tool to display the risk of an upload
 at build time, in the way lintian does with its warnings / errors.

 For example, it seems to me an upload is risky if a lot of packages are
 waiting for a dependency to enter testing and you reupload a version
 with low priority without fixing any bug.
   Another example is that an upload might be very desirable, and you
 might want to dsiplay information such as "X packages are waiting for
 your package foo which has a RC bug".

 Certainly, the ouput of grep-excuses seems to help, but might be
 transformed to list "reverse excuses".

 If you don't have time to write such a tool, please document your

 If you think such a tool can't be written, I would like the best
 practices that maintainers can follow to be documented with respect to
 what the release team expects from them.  Certainly, this should be
 merged in a more general document such as the developers-reference, but
 I currently have no way of checking whether uploads are painful for the
 release team or not (other than hearing "this upload sucks").

 Finally, if you think it would be easier this way, you might want to
 publish lists of packages which you currently think are "risky",
 "overly borken", or "fucked" or "important to fix timely", so that
 people can poll this list and have a clue on where to be especially
 careful, and with respect to what problems.

 (Let me know if I can help writing tools.)

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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