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Re: Transition from libmysqlclient12 to libmysqlclient14


* Christian Hammers (ch@debian.org) [050801 00:26]:
> My goal would be to only have one version, 5.0 in Etch but as it would
> probably be a bad idea to rely on MySQL-5.0 maturing fast enough (and
> database guys are conservative guys anyways), I would like to proposed to use
> MySQL-4.1 as standard version for now and at least drop MySQL-4.0 completely.
> This means that "libmysqlclient12" will be removed and thus about 75 binary
> packages have to be rebuild.

Though I appreciate to reduce the number of MySQL-packages in Debian, I
am unsure if it's currently the best time to do that. We already have
the c++-abi-transition at our hand, and to get more transitions mixed up
with that one might really be a call for trouble. On the other hands
side, keeping MySQL-4.0 in etch for some more weeks shouldn't really do
harm currently.

So, please wait with requiring other packages to rebuild. I don't see
an issue with filing wishlist-bugs right now, but please make sure that
these bugs contain a warning regarding the other currently running
transitions, and that the timeline of the other transitions (especially
the c++-abi one) has precedence.


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