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Transition from libmysqlclient12 to libmysqlclient14


As today the FTP maintainers have accepted the packages for MySQL-5.0, we now
have three branches of MySQL: 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0beta.

My goal would be to only have one version, 5.0 in Etch but as it would
probably be a bad idea to rely on MySQL-5.0 maturing fast enough (and
database guys are conservative guys anyways), I would like to proposed to use
MySQL-4.1 as standard version for now and at least drop MySQL-4.0 completely.

This means that "libmysqlclient12" will be removed and thus about 75 binary
packages have to be rebuild.

The RM's should give their ok here as it will AFAIK lead to problems if e.g.
apache-auth-mysql uses a different library than php4-mysql or libnss-mysql

Luckily there should be no code change involved for these packages but it
allowes them to connect to newer versions of the MySQL server which uses an
enhanced password format during the connects.

Is it reasonable and ok for the release team if I fill "normal" bugs against
all packages using libmysqlclient12, upgrade those bugs to a higher severity
in about two weeks and ask for permission to NMU two weeks after that?

Regarding the transition of the server packages, it seems that I have to
create an empty transition package called "mysql-server" which depends on
"mysql-server-4.1" to get apt-get to force the user to upgrade their servers
as just providing "mysql-server" in the mysql-server-4.1 package is not
enough, right?



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