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gnome-vfs2 not entering testing (#319833, #318429)


 gnome-vfs2 is currently kept out of testing because of a RC bug
 requesting its rebuild against a transitionned fam, for the C++
 transition (#319833).  This bug was tagged as "sid" by Steve Langasek.

 While this is trivial to fix, building a transitionned gnome-vfs2 would
 put the package behind the transition of fam to testing.  Fam is deeply
 stuck behind a libc6 bug, #318429

 Either the bug is tagged "testing" (after all, this issue is in testing
 too) and the current version transitions, or another gnome-vfs2 is
 uploaded, but we wait for libc6, and fam.

 Let me know what you prefer.


Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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